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Educate, Connect, and Persuade Your Viewers

The only way to make people buy your products or services is to persuade them.

But you already knew that, right?

What you didn’t probably know is that effective persuasion is a combination of connecting with people AND educating them about your brand.

This is where Doodle Videos come in.

An Ingenious Way To Market Your Business

Doodle videos are designed smartly to educate people about your brand, product or services, and to keep them watching your video till the end. They are designed to keep them hooked for the next frame, and then the next, and then the next.

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But the question is, how do they accomplish that?

Hit Two Birds With One Stone

Doodle videos are the videos where you see a hand drawing on a whiteboard. For this reason, they are also usually called whiteboard animation.

Since people are always curious about what that hand will draw next, it is hard for them to stop watching these videos till the end.

Moreover, since there’s not much room for story, characters, and other distractions, these videos are a great way of educating and explaining things about your brand, products or services in a manner other types can’t do.

The lack of distractions and noise makes it a great platform to let people know:

  • What your product or service can do for them,
  • How it can address their pain points
  • Help them achieve what they’re looking for.

Doodle Videos effectively tackle this issue of educating people about your business while keeping them hooked to screen and addressing their concerns.

Half of the persuasion is done with these videos in an engaging, exciting, and informative manner.

Some of Our Work

Check our amazing doodle video samples below and get in touch now to order yours.

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