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To provide the best customer service and user experience to you, Toonies Animation has a robust Returns and Refunds policy in place. Any issue regarding revisions, modifications, returns, and refunds will be subject to this policy.

It is inherently assumed that our customers have gone through this policy before raising any requests for refunds, returns, changes, or modifications.

Policy for Changes, Modifications, or Revisions

Video Animation: We offer two revision rounds. Customers can request free revisions within this limit under seven days from the delivery date. Afterwards, you will be charged extra for further modifications.

Voice-Over: We do not offer changes to recorded voice-over unless it is a mistake on our end. Any changes to your voice-over recordings upon request will incur an additional fee based on the changes requested and under three days after the delivery date.

Scriptwriting: For scriptwriting, We offer two revision rounds. You can request to make changes to your scripts within three days of the delivery date. Afterwards, you will be charged extra for further revisions.

Returns and Refund Policy

Toonies Animation ensures 100% customer satisfaction. In case of any duplicate charge due to processing error, failing to fulfill any of your designing requirements, or not completing your design order as per the delivery policy, we will refund your entire design order amount.

We will fulfill all the refund requests as per the following arrangement.

Video Animation: We issue refunds for videos. Customers have up to 7 days from the delivery date of their digital product.

Requesting a refund for a video animation will incur a 60% penalty fee of the total amount due to the effort, time, and cost of creating a video. Our videos are delivered with our watermark until you give us confirmation of your satisfaction with the result. We will then remove the watermark and deliver your complete project with all commercial rights fully transferred to you. As soon as you approve your order with us, you cannot ask for a refund. Moreover, at least two revisions must be exhausted to be eligible for a refund request.

Voice-Over: Samples of voice-over talents will be shared with you based on your requirements, and once you choose a talent, we’ll get them to record your script and deliver the file in mp3 or Wav format for review.

No refunds will be issued for voice-over recordings once you have placed an order. Moreover, our customers can only request to make changes if it’s a mistake on our end. At least two revisions must be exhausted to be eligible for a refund request.


We will deliver your script in a word document file for user review. You can claim a refund if you have exhausted two revisions and are still unhappy with the results. More revision requests will be entertained at an additional cost.

As our valued customers, we strive to provide the best service to you. Feel free to claim your refund by specifying your concerns and contacting us.

We will try to resolve your concern under our revision policy immediately or email you a refund request approval from our refund department.

Copyright Policy

After the refund, the rights for designs, scripts, and voice-overs created for customers will be obtained by Toonies Animation. You as a customer will not be able to display any version of the design sent by the company in any capacity or for any purpose.

Additionally, after reading this policy, you inherently agree that you will have no right (direct or indirect) to use any response or other content, work product, or media. Moreover, you will not have any ownership interest in or to the same, once the designs have been transferred to the company.

In collaboration with the Government Copyright Agencies, Toonies animation will share Copyright Acquisition information for the refunded designs that will restrict the re-use of the designs as original designs in the future.

Furthermore, If you have any questions or concerns about our Returns and Refund Policy, feel free to contact us via email at