How to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

In the faced paced era that 2021 is, viewers are swiping past anything that pops up on their screens. In order to keep them hooked, marketers today are faced with daunting challenges to create content that compels the interest of the viewer. Wordy ads and long paragraphs of text on social media posts are essential to convey important information, but they can get severely boring. And besides, not everyone can comprehend text.

Thankfully, modern-day marketing campaigns use video to reach a wider pool of people and attract viewers. There are various types of videos that cater to various audiences. The most popular one of all is animated video. Here’s how it helps.

The Importance of Video Animation in Content Marketing

Animated videos are the new MVPs of content marketing and for all the right reasons. Why? They’re easily understandable to all sorts of audiences. Even people who have trouble understanding the English language can grasp the concepts via animated graphics. Moreover, they’re cost-effective. You won’t need to set up a set or hire actors for shooting your video. You can simply hire an animator to produce content for you.

Moreover, there are further types of animated video that can be used to make content more comprehendible, for example, whiteboard video. These types of video use a drawing hand that draws images and writes text across the screen. This version of video animation is best to convey complicated information. By grasping the interest of the viewers through the animated video, your brand can achieve a higher conversion rate too.

How to Use Animated Video in Content Marketing

The first step is to have a plan. Brainstorm some ideas and identify your goals and target audience. What sort of video are you trying to create? Is it for awareness purposes? Do you want to promote your products or services? Are you trying to make explainer videos? Once you know the exact goal, you’ll know what type of video to use.

Complex content can best be explained through whiteboard videos. If you want to do storytelling, go for motion graphics, 2D, or 3D animation. Prepare a brief script and include your brand’s colors, theme, and fonts in the video for brand-specific recognition. Your best bet is to either hire a freelance animator or an experienced organization that deals in video marketing.

How Does Professional Video Affect The Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate refers to the positive or desired outcome that you expect from your users. It can be in the form of sales, subscriptions, or anything. Content that instigates interest in the users can keep them coming back for more. If your video promotes a product, the user might just make their way to your shop at the end of the video. In any case, the user will be obliged to take the desired action if they find the video useful. This is why it’s your job to use the right form of video with suitable and comprehensible text and imaging. The voiceover on the video should also be smooth and crystal clear.

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