Video Animation: Secret Ingredient for Business Growth

by Ali

Sep 3, 2021

Can you remember ever saying this to yourself, “Hey, why am I watching this video? let me just read a long article on this topic.”

And this is precisely why animated video marketing possesses an excellent potential for business growth.

Here are a few reasons why you should harness animated video marketing to take your business to untouched heights. Or hire someone who can do that for you.

Higher Conversion Rate

Would you buy something if its description or information bored you to death? Probably not.

Statistically, 64% of the viewers are likely to act, whether it is purchasing something or simply filling a form, after watching a video.

Animated videos are highly engaging compared to written content. They are a better way to convey your message and retain visitors.

Naturally, the higher the engagement, the higher the chances of visitors converting into customers.

Easy To Understand

Ever heard the expression: show, don’t tell. This is why animated video marketing is the king.

It is crucial to connect with your visitors, and animated videos make that happen by explaining difficult concepts and processes in a simple manner.

Moreover, other formats such as writing, will make the readers lose their attention quickly because it is not visually appealing. Human beings are naturally more attentive to lively colors, great expression, exciting storytelling, and pleasing music. Moreover, watching videos is effortless, which means you can communicate with and engage more people from different sections of society through videos.

Highly Cost-Effective

Choose live-action video production for your business, and you’ll run out of money faster than you can blink. And that’s hardly an overstatement.

Going with live-action video production might not be the best idea if you’re a low to medium-level business. That’s where animated videos can save you and help you grow.

In live-action videos, there are different costs involved, such as hiring actors, choosing locations, reshooting scenes, getting props, and all the other hassle that comes with it. Animated videos eliminate all that and save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

Moreover, you can easily update animated videos whenever you like as the changes occur.

Fun and Entertaining

In today’s dopamine-driven world, if you can’t entertain someone, you’re already out of the game.

With animated videos, you can experiment to make things fun and entertaining. You can spin a story around one of your products or services and present it in a humorous or entertaining way for your audiences. You can use different strategies with animation to grab the attention of your viewers that will not be as easy with other mediums.

Additionally, you can choose to design perfect content for your target audience depending on age group, occupation, language, and other metrics with the help of animated videos relatively easily.

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