Facebook Video Marketing: A Surefire Way for Business Growth

Facebook is, without a doubt, THE MOST USED social network right now. Not only that, Facebook users have a special place in their hearts for video content. Statistics show that 1.25 billion users view videos on Facebook Watch every month.

For a business, that is a vast untapped potential of growth ripe for the taking.

And that is what businesses all around the world are doing. Video ads on Facebook get two times more clicks than regular ads. Not only that, the creative freedom that comes with a video ad is not possible with traditional text or image-based ads.

Anything from an engaging scroll-stopper, an explanatory doodle video, or a catchy animated video on Facebook can grab the audience’s attention and has the potential to increase business.

So the question is, what is Facebook Video Marketing, and how does it work? Let us find out.

What is Facebook Video Marketing?

Facebook video marketing is the process where a product or service is advertised on Facebook through Facebook ads. These are paid services featuring different types of video marketing formats. They are strategically placed in different locations on Facebook, such as in the Facebook feed, during video streaming, in Facebook stories, in the Facebook marketplace, and in Facebook video feeds.

Generally, these are short videos aimed at capturing the viewers’ attention, telling them about a product or a service, and encouraging them to take action like visiting a website.

But, the question is

How Does Facebook Video Marketing Help Your Business?

Videos Are Always Engaging

It goes without saying that videos are probably the most engaging medium out there.

It stands true for Facebook as well. More engagement means that users are more attentive to what you have to say. For anyone interested in marketing their business, selling their products or services, or just simply educating people about their business, Facebook video marketing is a gold mine.

Facebook Users Love Videos

60% of the people who watch videos online do it on Facebook. That is a HUGE number.

Not only that, Facebook itself encourages video content over other mediums. Facebook has been focused on becoming one of the biggest platforms on the internet that supports ad-based videos. In fact, if you take a deeper look, you’d find that Facebook is probably one of its pioneers.

The fact that so many Facebook users prefer watching videos instead of consuming other types of content means that it is a great way to market your business.

Higher Conversion Rate

More engagement is not enough if the viewers are not converting into buyers.

This is why Facebook video marketing is a great way to market your business. Statistically, almost 69% of marketers confidently say that video ads outperform other types of marketing on Facebook every time. Moreover, according to a digital marketing agency Clear Pivot, Facebook video ads have 20-30% higher conversion rates than other types of marketing.

What is it if not good news for businesses?

But one needs to find a reliable, effective, and high-quality video marketing service that caters to their needs.

Fortunately, you’re in luck.

Head to the Toonies Animation Facebook to get in touch with us right away and take your business to new heights!



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