Whiteboard Animation Vs. 2D Cartoon Animation |Which Should I Choose?

by Ali

Sep 1, 2021

Creating a website with mere text and pictures won’t get you anywhere today. Due to the evolution of technology and the advent of YouTube, no one really feels like reading long paragraphs of text anymore. That’s where explainer videos arrive at the scene. Since 80% of the brain’s retention capacity is visual, we retain images over 50,000 times better. Hence, our brain can keep up with only 20% of the material we read whereas pictures can be grasped faster and remembered for longer. So if you’re a business trying to promote itself, a teacher trying to get your students to comprehend course material, or anyone for that matter, 2D animation or whiteboard explainer videos were made just for you. But, which one’s better? Let’s find out.

Reasons to Choose Whiteboard Animation

If your ideas are too complex or consist of a lot of text, go for whiteboard animation. For example, if you’re a teacher, you’re expecting your students to memorize a few complicated terms as well as the ideas displayed. Whiteboard animation will help you do just that. Usually, it features a hand going across the screen drawing images and writing text in bold letters. The viewer finds it easier to follow the hand and pick up images and texts from the animation.

Moreover, if you have a complicated idea that needs to be displayed for example an economics lesson with graphical figures, or a business presentation with statistical data, these kinds of things are better off explained using a pen and paper. The concept behind that is to break down the idea into a simpler format. The whiteboard animation acts as a pen and paper in this case.

Reasons to Go For 2D Cartoon Animation

If you want to deliver simpler concepts, 2D cartoon animation is your best bet. They’re convenient if your data doesn’t consist of graphs or statistical figures and you’re only trying to render a concept in a straightforward way. 2D cartoon animations grasp more attention as they’re filled with colors and actual lively figures. They can be used to deliver any idea as a short story. If you’re trying to promote a product or a service, they can be wonderful to grasp a customer’s interest and keep them engaged. You can also build brand awareness using brand-specific cartoon characters or your own brand’s font and colors.

Lastly, 2D explainer videos aren’t just interesting, they’re precise too. So if you’re looking forward to presenting your idea in a fun and creative way with limited time, 2D cartoon animation is your way to go. 

The Bottom Line

Whiteboard animation and 2D animation are both great options to convey ideas digitally. However, there’s no point in debating which one’s better. It varies according to individual preferences and what the situation demands. Whiteboard explainer video works best if you want to convey your ideas and some complicated material in a simple but thorough manner. 2D animations are great for conveying simpler ideas in an interesting story-like manner.

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